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We provide a relaxed, sterile and pleasant environment for piercing and tattooing

Kalima Emporium was established in Worthing in 1998 by Quentin. In February 2007 we relocated to our new, bespoke premises. We now offer hand poked tattooing by Quentin, as well as body piercing, body modifications and laser tattoo removal.
At present we recommend booking appointments, as most people are these days; if you just turn up for a piercing we cannot guarantee to have spaces, so may have to turn you away or book for another time. So to save you a wasted journey and disappointment - please book in!


Our Work


We offer a full range of body modifications and piercings at Kalima

We are interested in the psychology of marking and altering the body and how it has been prevalent in so many cultures throughout history (see ‘origins’).
We understand reasons for being pierced or tattooed are diverse and varied, ranging from aesthetic to spiritual, and aim to provide what is relevant to you as an individual.


Our Style


We are renowned for our high standards of piercing, sterility, custom made jewellery and tattooing

Piercers Quentin and Rosie are both adept at calming nervous clients and reassuring them throughout the piercing process.We now offer a variety of other body modifications including raid and NFC chip implants and magnetic implants and  ear reconstruction. We also can now offer laser tattoo removal.



Specialising in custom piercings, body modifications and tattoos
We have years of experience in body modification , being among the first to bring this art to the UK. We were the first studio to offer most body modifications, and have become renowned for ear reconstruction, scarification, branding, tongue splits and elf/pixie ears, but due to a court case against Dr Evil , we have had to stop offering these procedures.
Safe and hygienic
We as a studio operate to the highest possible standards of hygiene – what we consider to be safe operating levels are above and beyond Health & Safety requirements and are based on the latest medical information.
Piercing and tattoos of the highest quality
We offer a full range of body piercings at Kalima including dermal anchors, skin divers, ear scalpeling, surface piercing, Mad Max Bars, and a comprehensive range of male and female genital piercing.

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