About us

About us


Kalima studio was established in Worthing in 1998 by Quentin. In February 2007 we relocated to our new, bespoke premises. Quentin runs the piercing and the body modifications, while his partner and his Partner Ami - The Bearded Lady, ran the tattoo side of things. Unfortunately Ami passed away in February 2017, she had a very unique and personal way of working, and so the studio is at present not offering tattooing, but will be having friends guest at the studio, in the new future

Our new studio features private tattooing and piercing studios, hospital grade flooring and sterilisation, larger ambient waiting area and a full range of high quality tattooing & piercing paraphernalia.

We provide a relaxed, sterile and pleasant environment for piercing and tattooing.

We are interested in the psychology of marking and altering the body and how it has been prevalent in so many cultures throughout history (see ‘origins’).

We understand reasons for being pierced or tattooed are diverse and varied, ranging from aesthetic to spiritual, and aim to provide what is relevant to you as an individual.


  • Quentin
    Quentin is one of the most experienced and well respected piercers in the area. He…
  • Rosie
    Rosie has been part of the Kalima team since April 2014, and is now are…


In loving memory

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Shop hours

Kalima Emporium is open throughout the week.  Please refer to the list below for the details of our opening hours. Call us on 01903 520012 or drop in for a chat. We are always available to discuss your requirements in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Piercings - Booking highly recommended

  • Tuesday 9.45 am - 5.45 pm
  • Wednesday 9.45 am - 5.45 pm
  • Thursday 9.45 am - 5.45 pm
  • Friday 9.45 am - 5.45 pm
  • Saturday 9.45 am - 5.45 pm

Tattooing by appointment only - Please email to enquire.

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Piercing & Aftercare

Piercers Quentin and Rosie are both adept at calming nervous clients and reassuring them throughout the piercing process.

We are renowned for our high standards of piercing, sterility and custom made jewellery. We also offer  hand poke/machine free tattooing, diathermic tattooing, diathermic tattoo removal.

All of our piercing jewellery is medical TA A1/4V grade titanium (in accordance with EEC directives and the latest guidelines released by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health); this includes custom and implant jewellery.

We offer an extensive aftercare service for our customers, and anyone else needing attention. Our aftercare kit is a well researched homeopathic / herbal combination, proven to be gentle and effective over many years and 1000s of piercings.


Tattoo Artists

We have currently suspended tattooing at the studio until further notice. We may introduce guest artists at a later date, so watch this space!


Ritual & Live Performance

As well as performing ritual suspensions, Quentin & Ami also do live performances. They have appeared with many of the world’s leading circuses, burlesque performers, freakshows and have featured in music promo videos.

They have appeared at Torture Garden (London & Brighton), Vice Party (Brighton), HardOn (London), Glastonbury 2007 (with Captain Howdy’s Flying Circus), Flemish Tattoo Convention 2006, Black Metal Festival (Rotterdam), Tribal Gathering (Japan).

Quentin & Ami specialise in comedy freakshows performances, often dragging in unsuspecting friends to help out. Their fusion of extreme piercing tricks and humour leave the audience both stunned and laughing.

They will henceforth be performing under the name The Von Krapp Family Circus…need we say more.


Kalima: Pronounced 'kaleema'.

Kalima is the Hindu Goddess, Kali. She is mostly depicted in her wrathful form; garlanded with skulls, wearing a belt of severed limbs and standing on Siva, her consort.

Though this appears outwardly destructive, Kali represents freedom from the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. To us Kali represents the primeval female, peace and equilibrium through truth and the tearing down of existing hierarchical structures.