NeoMetal Jewellery

We have now just taken delivery of the wonderful push fit jewellery from NeoMetal  jewellery from States, it is absolutely stunning quality. We have a selection of opal and claw set jewelled tops, pop in and check out these wonderful new items, along with our other high quality jewellery....

New York

Quentin has recently been working in Iceland and judging at the Icelandic Tattoo convention,which he thoroughly enjoyed :) i will up load some pictures of his work.Today i have added new pictures to the Black and Grey,colour and tribal album’s,so check them out...

Brighton Tattoo Convention

We are pleased to Announce that Ami-The Bearded Lady is working this years convention,she is taking appointments for the convention,so if you are interested in getting any work ,please contact us ,so we can work out designs etc.She will have a few designs with her for walk ins.These will be one off designs that won’t be repeated. I have also uploaded some new pictures to the black and grey album and colour tattoo...

Nepalese Tattoo Convention

Quentin will be away working the Nepal Tattoo Convention from April 23rd-May23rd, he will be branding at the convention and doing a freak show/suspension .He will be piercing there but only by appointment,he doesn’t have enough space to take tools etc,so if you wish to have something done,then please contact him before hand. Quentin will not always have access to the internet,so any inquiries about Mod work or piercing questions,please ring the studio on 01903 520012 and speak to John.Quentin will try to get back to...