Daith piercing

Daith piercing

Daith piercings are very popular at the moment with all the discussions of how they may possibly help with migraines. Now some clients seem to have found that they have initially helped, obviously it is far to early to tell the long term benefits, but we ask all clients who have had them done, to give us feedback on the benefits or non benefits, so we can pass this on to all future clients. This will be the only way to see if they do help, and if so with which type of migraines.

Daith piercing with a tight curve heart

A fresh daith piercing with one of our hand made hearts

After talking through all the information regarding them, Nicola decided to for one of  hand made, tight curved ear hearts. This are made of medical grade titanium.
We really hope it helps with the migraines,and  it looks great

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