industrial strength jewellery

industrial strength jewellery

Here are a few pictures of some recent piercings with our Wonderful industrial strength jewellery, supplied by Industrial strength uk. We have also anodised them a gold colour, in house. These are suitable for fresh piercings, such as these, and for healed piercings. Also as we anodise all our titanium and niobium jewellery ourselves, we can anodise any jewellery, to the colour required.
Featured here are a jewelled paw print attachment and a 5 cluster prium with mixture of opals and gems , both anodised a gold colour.these pieces are hand made and have a life guarantee on faulty workmanship

fresh ear piercing with a clear hemmed paw print

A fresh ear piercing with an industrial strength paw print, anodised gold in house.

a helix with an opal and gem cluster

A fresh helix piercing with an industrial strength cluster

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