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A heart warming review ✨

We received the most lovely, heart warming review yesterday after we pierced a young clients ears for the first time ✨ This is what makes piercing such an incredible business & profession, and makes our job so worthwhile every day. We understand a lot of studios don’t like piercing younger clients for many reasons, but as an important rite of passage for them they’re one of our favourites to perform, and we’ve always, always loved it. 🖤🖤🖤 If you’ve had a good experience with us, please consider leaving...

Children’s ear piercing policy

The summer holidays are just around the corner! 🌞 so here’s a little update regarding children’s ear piercing, as it’s that time of year! ✨ •We pierce childrens ears from age 6/7+ with their consent; some children change their minds once they arrive in the studio, and this is absolutely fine! We won’t pierce anybody who doesn’t want to be pierced •If the child is under 10, we will pierce their ears at the same time for them with a piercer on each side (if our...