Body Modification

Dermal Anchors

Possibly the ‘Holy Grail’ of the piercing world, the Dermal Anchor is a single-point piercing, based to a degree on transdermal implants.

A small plate sits underneath the skin which has a post attached which comes through the skin and has jewellery attached to it, usually a jewelled disc. These are a relatively new invention and, as far as we know, we were the first studio in the UK to offer this piercing.

All our jewellery is imported from specialist suppliers, who always have the latest designs. We buy on quality not price.

Diathermic tattooing

Diathermic  or electo-cautery tattooing as it is also know, was pioneered in UK/Europe by Quentin. Diathermic tattooing is very different from cautery work in that no heat is used in the procedure; rather electricity. It works by using the electricity to vapourise and seal the skin. As there is no heat involved you get no spreading of the design, so finer work is possible with this machine.

Quentin has been using this machine since 2001; again we were the first studio in the Uk/Europe to use one and have pushed the boundaries regarding what can be branded.

Quentin is considered one of the worlds leading  of this particular procedure  and has done guest spots around the world.

All diathermic tattoos  are priced up by design


Scarification is when a design is cut into the skin with a scalpel. When the design heals the new skin that grows where the design was cut, will have a different colour and texture. Some skin types have a tendency to leave raised scars ,some will stay level and some dipped.The type of aftercare used can also influence the type of eventual scars left

We offer Scarification at Kalima but generally we recommend Diathermic Branding ,as we can go as fine in design as scarification but we believe the healing is a lot more controllable,and the aftercare is much ,much easier.

We do Scarification for clients who specifically wish to have this procedure performed and are aware of the issues involved with the healing.


Ear Reconstruction

At Kalima we specialise in ear reconstruction. This is where we recreate natural-looking lobes for people who have stretched their ear piercings and no longer wish to have them, or have split the ear lobe.

We have been doing this procedure for many years and Quentin developed his own techniques , which we believe create the most natural-looking shape possible. We carry this out under the highest levels of sterility, using sterile gloves, swabs, covers and sutures.

We have performed this procedure for many different clients, including military personnel who would be excluded from service with stretched lobes, and athletes.


We offer both Transdermal implants and Sub-dermal implants at Kalima and were the first British studio to offer these.

Transdermal implants,are when a plating sits under the skin layer and a post attached to the plating comes through the skin , you can attach jewellery to this.Essentially they are a much larger version of dermal anchors.They do have a limited life span on most people,so clients need to be aware of this.

Sub-dermal implants are when shapes are put under the skin,so creating a 3D shape in the skin.The material we now use is Medical Grade implant silicone and we can get a large amount of different shapes-stars ,hearts, domes, starfish, Circular barbells, BCR’s, cherries, anchors and also can get specific shapes custom made.

All implants are done under the highest levels of sterility,all tools are rigorously cleaned between clients , we use sterile surgical gloves,covers,swabs and suture’s to perform the procedure.We do not cut corners by using non-sterile consumables.



Beading is when balls are placed under the skin on the shaft of the penis. WE use a needle and taper to create a pocket ,into which the implants are placed.We use Medical grade implant silicone balls for the implants.As with all implants we perform the procedure under the highest levels of sterility, using sterile gloves, covers, swabs etc.

Clients should be aware that due to skin type in the penis and the amount of growth the penis goes through ,due to an erection,and the general action of having sex,that the balls can move from the original position they were placed in.Taping the implants in place and not having sex to quickly can reduce this but the client must be aware that this is an issue with beading.